FC-40 Full automatic packing machine

PSP-8 Pesadora - Maquinaria de envasado

The full automatic packing machine, type FC-40, has been designed in accordance with the principle of operation of a carousel.

The machine takes the film from the reel, cuts it and forms the bags around a mechanical part based on a mandrel system. Once the bag has been made, it is taken to a bucket conveyor for the filling, vibration and sealing of the same.

It is a very compact small-sized machine, which produces a bag with a completely flat bottom with a high efficiency.

The machine is composed of the following units or stations:

  • Paper feeder
  • Forming tube
  • Bag bottom folder
  • Bag bottom sealing ram
  • Sealing / cutting / bag ejection
  • Carousel bucket plate
  • Bag reception station
  • Product proportioner and simultaneous vibrator
  • Bag top bellows folder
  • Delivery belt
  • Bag ejector
  • Bag turner


In the food processing industry, it can be applied to the packaging of sugar, vegetables, fried potatoes, snacks, pastes, dehydrated or wet salt, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, dried fruits, cakes, coffee, tea, etc…

In the industrial sector, it is best used for D.I.Y. parts, bolts and nuts, accesories, buttons and all types of parts in general, which can be proportioned using the means described above or other different means.

The FC-40 machine allows a maximum production of 40 bags/minute, depending of the characteristics of the product, the packing material and the corresponding packing tests.

The machine has been designed, so that any type of proportioner or weigher can be adapted to it, either directly on the machine or laterally, carrying out the feeding of the machine through a lift or other transport systems.

  • Volumetric proportioner.
  • Worm proportioner.
  • Electronical weigher.


The machine FC-40 has been designed for the production of bags of different sizes (ask for format sizes) with a completely flat bottom and the upper flange upright. Equipped, on request, with a head folding system that allows you to obtain a square bag.

The machine FC-40 requires, for the production of bags, to use of complex thermosealable packaging materials at constant heat both for the inside and outside.

  • Voltage(depending on the order): 220/380 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Phases: 3 + N
  • Power supply: 1,5 HP
  • Total power consumed: 20 A
  • Compressed air cte: 650 KPa
  • Maxi.consumption machine: 15,5 m3/hora
  • Sealing and coding unit.
  • Powder suction
  • Fully automatic cartoning system (for cartoning the individual bags).