SP-21 Packing machine

PSP-8 Pesadora - Maquinaria de envasado

The full automatic packing machine, type SP, has been designed for working with pre-made bags. then it opens them below the proportioner to fill them afterwards with product in grain or in powder. Immediately after, the filled bag is fed to the sealing station, where it will be thermosealed, and it will leave the machine through a delivery band. The machine is composed of the following modules or stations:

  • Empty bag magazin
  • Bag conveying carousel
  • Bag opener and filling
  • Bag forming device (optional)
  • Sealing device
  • Transport table
  • Sealing device
In the food processing industry, it can be applied to the packing of sugar, vegetables, fried potatoes, snacks, pastes, dehydrated or wet salt, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, dried fruits, cakes, coffee, tea, etc… In the industrial sector, it is best used fcor D.I.Y. parts, bolts and nuts, accessories, buttons and all types of parts in general, which can be proportioned using the means described above or other different means.
The machine SP-21 allows a production rate of 10 bags/ minute approximately. The real production depends on the product to be filled and the size of the bag.


The machine SP-21 has been designed for working with several bag sizes.

The bags must be stables, with square bottom (there is an optional forming device for the bags without square bottom) and they are delivered with the top flange uprights.

For sealing the bags, the machine SP-21 requires complex thermosealable packing materials on the inside part at constant heat.

Proportioner or weigher can be adapted to it either directly on the machine or laterally, carrying out the feeding of the machine through a lift or other transport systems.

  • Volumetric proportioner.
  • Worm proportioner.
  • Electronical weigher.
  • Voltage (depending on the order): 220 V
  • Frecuency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Heating power: 700 W
  • Total power consumption: 1300 W
  • Continual compressed air at: 6,5 Bar
  • Max. machine consumption: 12,5 m3/h
  • Elevator
  • Bag forming device
  • Dust collection