WX-10 Vertical packer machine

WX-10 Envasadora vertical - Maquinaria de envasado

The machine WX-10 of vertical packing, makes fills and closes the bags starting from a reel made of thermoweldable material through impulse or constrant heat.

It is designed so that any type of dosimeter or weigher can be adapted to it either directy on the machine or laterally carrying out the feeding of the machine through a lift or other transport systems.

In the food trade it can be applied to the sugar, legums, fried potatoes, snacks, pastes, dehydrated salt, sweets, biscuits, dry fruits, cakes, coffee, tea, packing.

In the industrial sector, it is very useful for bricolage parts, accesories, buttons and for all types of parts which can be dosed through the means described above.

  • Width: min. 60 mm, max. 250 mm.
  • Height: min.50 mm, max. 600 mm.

To make a change in the bag width it’s necessary to change the maker. To change the height, it can be regulated through a device which acts on the transport mechanism.

The mechanic speed of the machine is from 12 to 60 cycles per minute. The real production depens on the type of product to be packed, type of wrapping material and the tipe of packing which is going to be made.

Model WX-10/V (optional).

Vacuum stations.

For vacuum making inside the bags.

  • Photoelectric cell.
  • Discharging.
  • English fold.
  • English fold with flat bottom.
  • Reel final stopping.
  • Non product non-bag stopping.
  • Inert gas injection.
  • Intermediate hopper vibrator.
  • Powder intake.
  • Dosed bag counter.
  • Outlet belt for finished bags.
  • Sealing and coding unit.
  • Valve.
  • Compressed Air: 4’5m3/min. 6 bar.
  • Engine: 0,5 HP.
  • Electric consumption: 5 KWA.
  • Voltage: depending on the order. 220/380 V. 50 ó 60 Hz.
  • Net wight of the basic machine: 1.000 Kg. aprox.

Model WX-10/V for vacuum making inside the bags

Invisible lateral sealing