YM-71 Packing machine

PSP-8 Pesadora - Maquinaria de envasado

The packing machine PARIS YM-71 has been specially designed to pack herbs or substitutes as Maté, tea, medical plants… capable of being packed into pressed form, on a square package with the best look.

It is a very compact machine with a very easy maintenance, designed according to the modulated system and with the following stations:

Square bag former

The packages are made with flat bottoms with lateral and vertical thermosealable folds. The longitudinal sealing is lateral, inside against external sides and of the invisible type.

Bag transport carousel

With guiding shafts designed for transporting the bags to the following integrated stations.

1st. Product proportioning

First filling.

Press station

For the first pressing.

2nd. Product proportioning

For the second filling.

Press station

For the second pressing.

1º Cardboard feeding station

Insertion of a cardboard cutting in the top of the bag.

Cardboard press station

The cardboard cutting is placed, through a new pressing, over the product.

Sealing station

To form the bag seal by means of thermosealable folds.

Self-adhesive label

Application of a self-adhesive label over the bag folding top. Possibility of stamping by thermo-printing information on the lot, sell-by date, etc.

Delivery belt

For taking away the bag for the subsequent handling of the same.

The command and control of the packing machine is made from an easy-to-get-at front control box, with a touch-sensitive multifunctional full-coloured screen.

The machine is also equipped with some hoods for the installation of dust collecting equipments.

This machine requires, as packing materials, complex thermosealable, both inside and outside, laminates at constant heat.

We recommend laminated films.


All products capable of being pressed.

  • Triple weighers PS-97.
  • Volumetric proportioner

A partir de bobina de cartón impresa, de un máximo de 500 mm. de diámetro

The bags have a flat bottom, are compacted and provided with a lateral sealing of the invisible type.

YM- 71 the machine is designed for single format:

250 grs. 56 mm width 77 mm long 130 mm high
500 grs. 75 mm width 95 mm long 165 mm high
1.000 grs. 96 mm width 116 mm long 205 mm high

* The height of the package can be slightly modified with a system of supplements in the boxes carousel plate.

The machine YM-71 allows a maximum production of 35 bags/minute, depending on the characteristics of the product, the packing material and the corresponding packing tests.

  • Electrical connection: three-phase + neutral
  • Max. absorbed power: 13,5 KW
  • Compressed air: 480 l / m to 6.5 bar.
  • Weight: 6.000 Kg

The YM -71 packaging has been designed and manufactured under the strict rules of the EEC.