T-16 Fully automatic packaging machine

PSP-8 Pesadora - Maquinaria de envasado

The fully automatic packaging machine model T-16 works from a flat film reel, forms the bag over a forming shoulder, transfers the empty bag into adapted guiding shafts, fills the bag, shakes and compacts the product and preforms it for the closing process.

The machine conception is based on the modular manufacturing system. The modules of which the machine is composed are the following:

  • Vertical packaging machine
  • Carousel-bag transport
  • Filling station
  • Shaking and compacting stations
  • Refolding station
  • Closing station
  • Cutting station
  • Taking away belt

El modelo T-16/V es igual que el T-16, pero incorpora el módulo opcional de estaciones de vacío.

All laminates which are suitable for bags. For example:

  • Alu / paper / poly
  • Alu / polyester / poly
  • Double material

All products suitable for existing dosing systems e.g. powder, granulates.

  • Volumetric Cup Feeder
  • Auger Feeder
  • Electronical Weigher
  • Mini. 40 x 60 x 150
  • Max. 70 x 130 x 300


Upright standing block bottom bags with:

  • Upright standing bag extremity
  • Folded and sealed bag extremity
  • Folded bag extremity with fixed label
  • Centralized longitudinal sealing
  • Lateral longitudinal sealing

Max. 40 bags / min. depending on product, bag dimensions and dosing system.

  • Voltage: 380V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Phases: 3 + N
  • Power supply: 2 CV
  • Heating power: 1,7 KW
  • Compressed air: 245 l/min
  • Weight: 2.000 Kg
  • Valve
  • Rare gas injection
  • Sealing and coding unit
  • Powder suction
  • Vacuum (T-16/V)