Excepcional service

Making a difference

In a market full of options, flexibility and trust are crucial. That is why with our service,  we aim for excellence just like we do with our machines.

We manufacture custom packaging machines

We understand that every company has unique needs and that sometimes standard solutions are insufficient. That is why, we offer custom packaging machine manufacturing services, adapting machine measurements, bag dimensions and other aspects to your exact specifications. We design the perfect solution for your needs.

Close proximity maintenance and technical service

We provide maintenance and local technical support services, directly from our facilities, so you always receive customized attention. We are available if you need original spare parts, ensuring maximum reliability in your equipment for longer.

Adaptations on machines in operation

If you need to make adaptions in your own PARIS equipments, we offer the possibility of modernizing machines in operation. With guaranteed compatibility, we ensure that your machines will work optimally and be adapted to your new production needs.


Talk to our team and discover how our packaging machinery will make your process more profitable.

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With a global presence and a professional team, we stand by your side to meet your packaging needs.