Weigher PSP-8


The weigher-doser PSP-8 is a electronic weigher mounted on monoblock body of steel for weighing and dosing all sort of products in grain and similars, existing models which can be applied to each case or kind of products.

The machine PSP-8 is compounded of an electronical weigher PS-8 and of a support foot. Our machine PSP-8 is an automatic electronic weigher equipped with a load cell for the detection of the weight to be proportioned.

The control board is provided with a programming liquid quartz display which visualizes the functions to be carried out or to be checked. Access to the:

  • Start

  • Stop
  • Preproportioning
  • Trimming Adjustment
  • Automatic
  • Manual unloading
  • Change of parametres
  • Etc.

Once the weight and rate have been programmed, the work process is the following: the product stored in a receiving hopper, which detects the wieght, is unloaded inmmediately after either automatically or through the signal received from a pedal wich is emitted by the same when it is pressed.


For filling sacks, frasks, trays, rtc., in food industries, chemestry, bricolage, etc.

Like: dry fruits, fried patatoes, aperitives, freezed, legumes, sugar, grain and grinded coffe, pastry-cook, candies, etc., or manures, detergents, vegetal earth, tail-cement, etc.


The productions change according to the kind of product, weight magnitud and model of PSP-8 to use. To orientate, in the standard model in weights of 250 grs. or similar, 15 cycles minute.



Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Consumption 3 A
Weight 250 Kg


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