Our packaging machinery catalog

To optimize your end-of-line

The new generation of PARIS packaging machinery offers you these advantages:

  • Optimal presentation of your product.

  • Simple and easy handling.

  • High production per machine in minimal space.

  • Modular and compact execution: your installation can grow with your needs.

  • Versatility: you can work simultaneously with various formats and / or products.


Talk with our team and discover how a PARIS packaging machine will make your end-of-line processes more profitable.

Trust in a PARIS packaging machine

From small businessess to large industrial lines, our packaging machinery hels brands simplify processes, improve productivity, and increase production safety.

We manufacture versatile and robust equipment that automates the bagging of all types of products. Our packaging machines are designed to ensure impeccable presentation of your products.

  • With a compact design, you can enjoy high-performance equipment that takes up minimal space.

  • Easy to operate, they are operated without complications, maximizing the efficiency of your production line.

  • Thanks to their modular design, our packaging machines adapt to your changing needs.

  • Their versatile design allows you to work with multiple formats and products, providing you with flexibility in response to market demands.

Offer your customers perfectly packaged product, with an impeccable presentation that reflects the quality of your brand.

Discover excellence in packaging with a PARÍS packaging machine.

Find the right packaging machine
for your bag

Reel bags

For those needing flexibility and customization in each packaging

Die cut cardboard

Ideal for products that require the most robust and resistant packaging.

Pre-made bags

Optimize your packaging, improving speed, consistency and efficiency.