Packaging machine PB-06


An automatic machine that starts from a bag or case warehouse, and allowing the assembly, filling and closing the bags or cases.

The automatic machine type PB-06 has been designed according to the operation principle of a carousel and is composed basically of three main units, which are the following:

  • Case magazine.
  • Case filling.
  • Case sealing.

This machine takes the cases from the magazine by means of a suction pad system, which places them into the buckets that erect the case, while leaving the upper side open for its subsequent filling.

Once this process has been carried out, the cases go past the different stations of the carousel, beginning by the filling station, where you can couple any proportioning device. The machine is equipped with a sensing device that detects the lack of case and, in this case, it does not proportion any product.

Immediately after, the filled-up cases or packages are conveyed to the sealing station. This station is equipped with blades that will make the different folds of the case, and then it is sealed by means of guides that hold these folds. As to the type of sealing, we can manufacture different gears or mechanisms (depending on the package) designed to introduce the flange into the corresponding slot.

This sealing mechanism can be completed with a label dispenser. When the packages are ready, they are placed onto a conveyor band, which takes the packages out from the packaging machine.


In the food processing industry, it can be applied to the packaging of chocolates, sweets, biscuits, dried fruits, snacks in general, etc… In the industrial sector, it is best used for D.I.Y. parts, bolts and nuts, accessories, buttons and all types of parts in general, which can be proportioned using the existing means.


The machine PB-06 allows a maximum speed of 40 bags/minute, depending on the proportioner couple to the same, the characteristics of the product, the material and the corresponding packaging test.


This machine has been designed, so that any type of proportioner or weigher can be adapted to it, either directly on the machine or laterally, carrying out the feeding of the machine through a lift or other transport systems.

  • Volumetric proportioner
  • Helicoidal auger filler
  • Electronic checkweighers
  • Counters

The counters can be equipped with various modules where different products can be placed. This offers the possibility of counting and making combinations of different product units in the same case.



  • Coding
  • Labelling
  • Powder intake

  • Double format


Voltage (depending on the order) 220 V / 380 V
Frecuency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Phases 3 + N
Power supply 1 HP
Total power consumed 16 A
Aire comprimido constante a 650 KPa
Max. consumption machine 2 m3/h
Compressed air cte 650 KPa



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