Automatic machines with pre-made bag

Optimize your end-of-line

Our automatic packaging machines fill, seal and label pre-made bags quickly and accurately, without the need for manual intervention. An ideal equipment to streamline and optimize the packaging process.

Their ability to work with a variety of bag formats and products makes them a versatile tool adaptable to different packaging needs. They successfully integrate into production lines in the food, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic industries, among others, ensuring impeccable product presentation.

With our automatic packaging machines for pre-made bags, companies improve the quality, speed and profitability of their packaging processes.

  • Packaging machine for pre-made bags

    A simple monobloc machine designed for all who were filling the bags manually go to have a machine that makes the whole process automatically.

  • Packaging machine for pre-made bags

    Fully automatic bagging machine, designed to work with pre-made bags.

  • Packaging and forming machine for bags

    Automatic machine that starts from a bag or case warehouse, and allowing the assembly, filling and closing the bags or cases..


Talk to our team and discover how to make your packaging process more profitable with out automatic packaging machines.

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