Automatic weighers

Optimize your end-of-line

Our weighers measure and control the weight of products to dose ingredients in precise quantities and ensure that each package has the correct content before being packaged.

The precision of our weighers allows for consistent verification that products meet quality standards. By avoiding the product packaging with incorrect weights, rejection costs are minimized.

Our weighers integrate into the production line, streaming packaging processes and improving operational efficiency.

  • Weigher

    Electronic weigher mounted on monoblock body of steel for weighing and dosing all sort of products in grain and similars

  • Weigher-locker

    The sack´s-locker is a whole formed by some calefactioned guides and some rollers which realize the soldering by pressing.

  • Weigher-Closer to the vacuum

    Version of a weigher-locker machine that includes a mechanism for vacuum sealing the bags.


Talk to our team and discover how to make your packaging process more profitable with our weighers and semiautomatic machines.

Other packaging equipments

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and increase production safety.