Packaging machine SBA


The 2017 version of the SBA model machine is a new machine capable of working with doypack and/or envelope type. The machine picks up the bags one by one from the warehouse, shapes them, fills them and seals them. It is a very compact machine with small dimensions that offers optimal performance.

The machine consists on:

  • Empty bag magazin

  • Bag bottom forming and opening area

  • Unload zone 1

  • Unload zone 2

  • Sealing area

  • Bag exit


In the food processing industry, it can be applied to the packaging of sugar, vegetables, fried potatoes, snacks, pastes, dehydrated or wet salt, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, dried fruits, cakes, coffee, tea, etc… In the industrial sector, it is best used fcor D.I.Y. parts, bolts and nuts, accessories, buttons and all types of parts in general, which can be proportioned using the means described above or other different means.


The SBA machine  allows a production speed of up to 30 bags per minute and it is conditioned by the product characteristics, packaging material and packaging trials.


It is designed to be able to attach any type of dispenser of weigher directly onto the machine or literally. There are two unloading stations, allowing for the attatchment of two different types of dispensers according to the products. The dosing devices can be:

  • Volumetric proportioner.

  • Worm proportioner.

  • Linear electronic weigher.

  • Multihead weigher.


Various formats can be used in the machine through quick and easy changes (less than 5 minutes).

The dimensions are:

Width: 100mm – 300mm
Length: 100mm – 400mm


Different accessories can be attached to the machine according to the needs:

  • 2 different dispensers

  • Printer

  • Inert gas

  • Vacuum / Air extraction

  • Dust suction at discharge

  • Bag counter


  • Mechanical machine with a bag storage capacity of over 100 bags

  • Two dosing stations with different dispensers

  • Possibility of inert gas and / or vacuum

  • Can work with doypack bags with zip

  • Wrong bag detector “/” no discharge

  • Quick format change (less than 5 min.)


Compressed air 30m3/h to 6,5bar ct
Total power consumed 10 A
Voltage (depending on the order) 230V/380V (50/60Hz)
Maximum production 30 cycles/minute
Base machine weight 1.200 Kg aprox.



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